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    Here's my very first Motored bike, it's a Huansheng 4 stroke with the upgraded JL type gearbox.. the one with angle cut gears, with a 44 tooth rear sprocket, on a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser. I had a few problems, with fuel lines, spark plug wire, chain alignment etc, but now it runs and looks good (at least I think so) last night (well early this morning 4 am) I took it out for a nice 2 mile ride with absolutely no problems at all. I'm a little afraid of opening the throttle all the way up except while going uphill, on the flats it just seems too fast and I find myself easing up on the throttle, I don't think I had it above 1/2 throttle for most of the ride. Oh and Here's a pic of it :

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  2. Zev0

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    Great looking bike. Very nice work. Yeah, I tend to keep mine under 20. It will go a heck of a lot faster, but it scares me a little. LOL
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    Thanks Zev0, it's been a labor of love and hate, maybe I'll be brave enough to open it up in the longer stretches of road when I get used to riding it. I hope I do, because I decided to build it to commute 10 miles each way to work and back.
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    I like that style of cruiser. Are you planning on maybe doing something like the extra heavy tire tubes for that kind of commute?
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    Looks very good,well done man.
    Where did u get your kit & what do u think of it(and the JL gearbox)?
    Riding 10 Mls each day u might think about front suspension forks.
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    Nice looking bike. I think you'll open it up once you get used to riding and more confident in the dependability of it. You're gonna have so much fun!! Good luck.
  7. chuck216

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    I bought the kit off of ebay, I won't say who from. As I hadn't found this forum until after I bought it. I simply bought the most inexpensive, at the time, kit I could. As far as I can tell it runs strong ,the gearbox is a little noisy but that's mostly the centrifugal clutch. In retrospect if I had thought it out I would have bought something with a grubee gearbox instead. I'm not sure about the original JL gearbox I heard there were problems with the bell housing on the clutch coming apart, and it being extremely noisy. The angle cut gears in my gearbox are supposed to be quieter. I do know that this box is geared differently and lower than the skyhawk 2, 20:82 (4.2:1), 25:30(1.2:1) in the gearbox (yes I counted the teeth when I had it apart to put in some lithium grease) and 10:44 (4.4:1) for GB ratio of 4.92:1 overall and a final drive of 21.65. I don't know if this is different than the original JL, but I do know the numbers for the Skyhawk 2 are 35:54 (1.54:1), 20:48 (2.4:1) for a 3.7:1 GB ratio and 11:56 (5.09) front an rear sprockets for 18.85 final drive. Mine should be able to accelerate slightly faster and handle hills a little better but have a slightly lower top speed than the skyhawk 2 GB. the only major problem I had with the gearbox was a broken key in the keyway on one of the shafts due to the chain coming off and wrapping itself around the front sprocket resulting in it breaking to save the GB and motor.
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    I hope things work out well for you!

    I took a 10 mile ride on Saturday (Skyhawk II w/ Honda) and it likes to run between 25 and 30 mph- with the 48 tooth I have now, it will do 35 or better, but 25 to 30 is the sweet spot.
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    I would get a springer fork as well
    I have a Jaguar (the exact same bike minus fenders and rack), it made my bike much more comfortable
    spookytooth has 'em for 35-40 bucks in chrome and black
  10. KiDD

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    Thats a 4 stroke?!
    I have never heard of Huansheng and a search for it on the forums here only brings up this thread.
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    I have one on my bike. you will need to tighten the damper a little from the standard setting - 30mph needs tighter suspension settings than 15mph - and keep an eye on the toplink captive bolts - the nuts can work loose over time and then you get a very wobbly front end..

    Jemma xx
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    Probably because I typoed when typing the name and forgot to edit it, it's a HuaSheng motor... almost all the chinese built 4 stroke kits come with it.
  13. KiDD

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    Thanks for the correction