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    Hello All,

    I am from north of Cincinnati. I have a 1947 Whizzer H Motor on Schwinn Frame. The bike belonged to my grandfather and I took bike to restore. My grandfather bought brand new in 1947. I started taking apart and it has been sitting. I came across this site and figured I could get some help/tips starting resoration.

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    Welcome to MBc! There is a lot of information regarding Whizzers (both vintage and new edition) on this site, plus we have a few Whizzer experts here who will gladly answer any questions. If you have any photos of your bike to share with us, we'd love to see them.
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    1947 Whizzer

    I found a few pics of Bike I had before I disassembled

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    I'm in the area

    I am riding around I-75 exit 29 from time to time. Good luck on your project. Hope you get it done to ride this summer. I don't know much about the older bikes.
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    You know what's funny, I had just put up a post looking for bikers in cincinnati. I looked dfown and there you were. lol