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    whats up?

    I'm jive and have started my first motorized bike this week. love the site so far have been doing alot of reading and searching on the forum for the past month or so. Been wanting to build something different for awhile. After searching for parts for a board track racer i found out about mb's and decided to build one. Found an old Murray's cruiser at a yard sale this week and picked it up for 20 bucks. Its been stripped, cut and all the rewelding was started today. plus all the steel cut to beef up the frame. will try to get some pics up later.

    Just a little about myself. I've been building cars and motorcycles for a few years now. For racing, show or just to cruise down the road. I'm a Moderator on a performance car forum and work in the auto parts industry. I do all my own fab work from welding to interior work and usually one off most of my parts. I just moved to northeast ohio

    can't wait to get to everyone better :cool: