Hiawatha Board Track build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by upful living, Jan 29, 2009.

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  2. alex

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    Wow, just wow beautiful, is it done or is there still work to be done.
  3. upful living

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    I am working on it a little at a time. Right now I am working on the details, and collecting all of the little pieces that I want to add on. I already have the paint scheme thought out (keeping original paint on the bike. Just painting motor and new components). I'm waiting for a warm day to get into it. And the new hubs will be on order come next Tuesday. Thanks for the compliment. I am really proud of this bike. The guy I bought it from had it in the back corner of his shop waiting to be cleaned up. It has been a pleasure to recondition it a little, and make it into this.

    Thanks much.
    Up living
  4. uncle_punk13

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    Nice... Keep on Keepin' on with it! I like the black Columbia in your album as well...
  5. upful living

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    New pics. Motors painted now. Need to do a little to clean it up. But then I just need to paint the gas tank!
  6. Mountainman

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    that's a pretty cool MB that you got there

    paint the tank -- may be a good idea
    maybe if you transfer it
    make the 13 way, way smaller

    if you get stopped -- it just brings on the heat

    I don't have anyTHING to hide
    I just want to ride

    that thing
  7. upful living

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    Thanks Mountainman. I agree that 13 is way to big. I drew up the new concept design this weekend, it's some pin striping and a smaller number 13 over a spade. Much cleaner. And a little more my style. I was thinking about some circle number plates for the front fork.

    The bike is turning out pretty low profile which is ok. I don't like to turn heads with flash. People will notice this bike on its own. But I really love the look of the old board track bikes all numbered up and getting dirty on the wood.
    I am not to worried about the cops. Our town is so bike friendly, we have something like 100 miles of bike paths and bike lanes through out our little city. And the city is all about alternative means of transportation. So I would imagine that the Police won't mess with me all to much.

    Thanks again for the compliments. I appreciate you checking out my project.
  8. upful living

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    Tanks getting fresh coat of paint! And there is a few new pictures out side in the light. Enjoy!
  9. spunout

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    awesome. not only do you paint the motor (BIG fan of that), the tank's gettin' done.

    nice bike. gonna kick butt-cheeks when done :devilish:
  10. upful living

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    So it looks like flickr only allows so much upload per month. So here is a new link for the final pics of the build. The wheels will be on order Monday. And the paint should be done this weekend. Everything is coming together.

    Thanks Spunout. I am glad you are feeling what I am doing. I think it should definitely think it will be kick butt-cheeks!

  11. upful living

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    New pictures! I got the Hiawatha logos painted up, and I think that once the wheels show up this bike will be turning over!!! Speedometer is in the mail. Need to come up with lighting solutions. And finish the wiring. Oh and a kick stand, has anyone tried the BGF kick stand? It looks like something I could go for. But I can't really tell how it looks, and how well it functions.

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    Slick looking ride nicely done. I love olde bikes an bicycles like that
  13. Very Nice early lookin' tracker!