Honda Engine in a Basket For Stealth Friction Drive

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Steve M., Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Steve M.

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    I just got my Honda GX35 engine w/ Staton friction drive mounted, and wasn't real happy w/ the way the bright red engine stuck out on the right side. After looking at what was available, I bought one of those cheap metal baskets at K-Mart that are designed to slip on your handlebars. A little eye balling gave me a rough idea of where to cut, and after a few bolts to hold it on here it is. I painted the engine cover black to help it blend in and slipped a mouse pad in the side (which I later turned around sideways to better cover things up). The pad also keeps the basket from pressing against the side of the motor. The tightly woven baskets are better for this than the older more open style w/ wire construction.

    It works great. Tomorrow I'll buy some bolts w/ wing nuts so I can quickly take the basket off for maintenance. Next is a larger (hopefully quieter) muffler to route to the other side of the bike, and it will be close to a stealth gas engined bike.

    Here's a few shots showing the setup and mounting.

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  2. seanhan

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    Thats Cool

    Good Idea, Just remember to pedal when you see a LEO !!!!!
  3. Steve M.

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    Yep, the fake pedaling is always a good idea.
  4. professor

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    Real good idea!
  5. cycledude

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    Tho I dont know how to gas without removing unless another hole?
  6. Steve M.

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    There's just enough room to unscrew the gas tank lid and put a funnel in there if you push on the rack. It's very flexible stuff. The next mod will be to put a flat aux gas tank on top of the friction drive channel, painted black except for a sliver that will show the gas level. I think the Golden Eagle belt drives are even better candidates for the engine-in-a-basket as they mount on the opposite side of the bike and sit much closer to the center.

    I have this powerful urge to fill the basket w/ plastic flowers, but better leave well enough alone. They might melt anyway.
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  7. Will Snow

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    Looks like you are hauling a motor in the basket. What if you put another one on the other side to balance it out, plus you could carry stuff in it. Beyond trying to hide the motor, it ls a lot nicer than just the motor hanging out there. I think I may do something like that when I get around to installing my friction drive and the motor I got from you. Another thing, if you wanted to hide the gas tank from sight, you could put a bike bag that mounts on top of a bike rack and install the tank in the bag. Would that work or is that a little much?

    You know Steve, all these years (29) that I have been riding these motorized bicycles, I have never been pulled over and questioned by any police officer. I think the reason is, I ride them pretty much just like a bicycle and not a motorcycle. Most of the time 18 to 20 mph and even slower at times, maybe on a wide street with plenty of room 25 to 30 ( depending on which bike I'm riding) I have one motorized bike I talk big about that will almost do 70 mph. I think I told you that also. Well, most of that is just talk, it will go that fast but 18 to 25 mph is about it. I just enjoy the ride, obey the law and give everyone the right of way.

    I have rode in several different cities and towns and never a problem. Probably several others on this form will say the same.

    Let us know how going up that 8 mile grade you told me about works out.

    Best Regards

    Bill Snow
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    :idea:I pedal as soon as I see a police car.

    I also pedal when I pass thru every intersection.
  9. fetor56

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    Very effective.
  10. Steve M.

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    I think you're right Bill, going slow and sticking to the side streets has worked well for me w/ the electric bike, but as it's nearly silent that's what really helps. Still, I am always pedaling on it just in case. Your suggestion on putting the fuel tank in a bike bag is perfect and will try that out. Once it's quieter I'll be happy w/ it. Modern cars are really quiet. Open the hood and you barely hear the engine's running, but a single cylinder may always be a little noisy. Anyway, next is a bigger muffler for it. The folks at G. E. suggested using flex gas heater pipe like you'd use in your home to connect it to the aux muffler. Hopefully it won't sap much power, as this Honda engine has less get up and go than that Mitsubishi 2 stroke I sold you. Wish I'd included a shot w/ the mouse pad turned lengthwise because you don't even see the gas tank peeking out.
  11. cycledude

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    Yeah, I tell you those little two smokes really do the job, they are really strong.
  12. Youngbird

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    SteveM....why all the need for the "stealthy" stuff? Are MBs not allowed by law where you are or is this just a choice you made....Just curious.
  13. darwin

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    SteveM where did you get that front basket at? Im interested in the mounting hardware, the lower mount especially.
  14. backazimuth

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    First off, I love my Staton friction drive engine, but I love riding and the exercise it affords me more, so I run my engine only when necessary and that is at the end of a long day when I am really tired or going up a long climb (or a short steep one) and need assistance. When the engine is not on, I cover it with a black bag I bought at Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars. Frankly, I like your idea a whole lot better because it allows one to ride while still hiding the engine. As for our desire to hide the engine: simple pride. We've ridden all over the world self contained and it is a little difficult to get used to the fact that we need some help now. The friction drive allows us to ride as much as we can, then continue to our destination with assistance.

    Question: did you ever get the muffler figured out?

    PS -- My wife and I ride long distances -- across America and so forth -- but we're getting older and the riding is getting a little tougher, which is why we have the engine. We absolutely love it.
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  15. Will Snow

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    Too bad the use of a little motor on a bicycle is so restricted by law that the rider will feel like an outlaw and try to hide it from the police.

    When I was living in Campbell county Virgina, the attitude of the local goverment was: Not over 50cc, ride safely and have fun. Like any other vehicle, bicycle to truck, if the rider or driver was being reckless then the police cracked down and righly so. This was 2008.

    Here in California and sounds like in many other places, there are a lot of requirements that take the simple use out of motorized bicycles. Some of these quality road bikes with a rider in good shape will go as fast or at times faster than I do with a motorized bicycle. It is true, electric bikes are free from many of these requirments, but range limitations are too short for many users. 20 -25 mph limit, Gas or electric, what is wrong with that. A 16 year old in good condition with a quality road bike can do that, but if he runs a red light should get ticketed like anyone else. So, What about the not a 16 year old, but a hard working or retired adult trying to to avoid the high cost of transportation by auto, or heavy traffic jams on commute routes????

    Motorized bicycles should be ENCOURAGE by state and local goverments, and not require a motorcycle license as an example. Sure, 16 years and older, required to obey established traffic laws (even pedestrians have them) and let the person ride his side of the road out of the traffic motorized bicycle. What is wrong with that.

    Many of us have a motorcycle license as required in California, but I remenber as a kid back in the 40's using my bicycle on a paper route. There was a older fellow in his 20's or 30's who did not have ability to drive a car (mentally slow), but used a Whizzer motorized bicycle on his very large paper route. He did very well on his Whizzer and made enough on the paper route to be independent. It worked O.K. then and why not now. That was in Oakland California, 1947.
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    They make spraycan paint especially for plastic.

    Take that white gas tank off of there, clean it up, sand it a bit, to give the plastic some 'tooth'.. Then paint it black.

    The paint is available at Lowes.

    An alternative is simply to cover the entire tank with black electrical tape.

    The reason for the suggestions is that I am thinking that that mouse pad is holding the heat in, against the motor.
  19. Porkchop

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    I did my home work and made sure I’m legal, so I don’t have to worry at all about cops !!!
  20. Happy Valley

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    Yeah, I agree. One one each side would be great. I'm working on an idea of twin baskets that incorporate a frame that will protect the engine if the bike falls over.