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    I'm Launce from central PA... Welding Inspector, Father of 5.

    After about 3 years of thinking about it I finally ordered a 80cc kit from bikeberry.... Its going on my Wal-mart mountain bike.

    Im going to use it to go to work and back... 2 miles...

    I have some small hills to go up and down.

    Anybody know of any mods I can use to make the climbs go more smoothly??

    I dont even know if my kit will let me change gears?

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    bike berry

    The thing about these kits is that they have a separate drive system that mounts on the other side of the wheel. You get to keep the gears that are on your bike, but they are supplemented by a second drive system.

    What I did was to remove the front derailleur and remove the other chainrings off the bike I put the engine on, because I did not need them anymore. You can still pedal the bike if the engine quits or in my case I turn it off sometimes and go into "stealth" mode.

    As for hill I go up a few really steep ones on my commute(6.5 grade 15 miles) and its not that much work. I do cheat a bit with a tuned pipe from Sick Bike Parts and with that I don't need to pedal at all(except to start it)

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  3. lsoult

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    Thanks. I'm going to use "stealth mode" on my street since I'm usually leaving for work when everyone else is still sleeping.

    What is a "tune pipe"? And what does it do?

    Thanks again.

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    Welcome to the forum. Try it with the gearing that comes with the kit (usually a 36 tooth). If the engine still needs lower gearing, you can get a larger rear sprocket like a 44 tooth.
    The stock exhaust is very quiet. Some aftermarket pipes are quiet and some aren't.
    I just noticed that when watching the SpookyTooth Death Race. I still run the stock exhaust.
  5. Skyliner70cc

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    A tuned pipe is a device that wakes the neighbors up.
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    I've been picking up bits and pieces of info sprocket sizes, pipes, jackshafts, boosters, aftermarket this and that.... its all confusing but like previous hobbies ill eventually get the hang of it. That's why I got on this site.

    In the meantime ill evolve my bike through trouble shooting... first I need the motor on my doorstep.. Lol... I guess im getting ahead of myself.
  7. retromike3

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    Tuned pipe

    A tuned pipe is a type of exhaust pipe that uses the presser wave from the combustion of the engine to "supercharge" the motor. For me it seemed to almost double the horse power. It did not add that much to the noise of the bike though. I had my exhaust fall off before I got it and it was many time loader than my tuned pipe.

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    Thanks Mike-

    I like the idea of having more power, but i really want to quiet the motor the most. I called the local cops and they officer I talked to said "he" wouldnt hassle me, but I'm not sure about the rest of them. I have a feeling that if there were any official comaplints they would investagate and tell me to stop just to keep the peace (and good public relations).

    I was looking around the forum posts. I saw Beast's muffler made from an old moped muffler or something and it's what I have in mind, but he got it from a salvage yard... Not something my little redneck town has.

    From the net it looks like the loggers have pretty strict noise restrictions and maybe a saw shop may be my best resource. I'd be greatfull for any advice I can draw from this forums pool of experience.

    Thanks Again,

  9. retromike3

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    with pipe no problem(out here in Oregon)

    What happened to me a few years ago when I forgot to sign my move of address form before I voted so I did not get my ballet. So I had to ride my motor bike up to the voter office. There in front of the building was a group of half a dozen uniformed police. I road my bike up to the building and locked it. I noticed a group of police bikes in the parking lot and on the way back I said hello to the officers.

    Since I wear a yellow jacket that looks a lot like theirs and I was wearing my helmet. I think, because I treated them with respect I was not bothered at all by them, in fact they seemed amused by my little underpowered cycle.

  10. MikeJ

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    I get a very similar response from the police forces of multiple towns here in Colorado. I dress with full helmet, bright yellow jacket, gloves, and stay under the speed limit. At least twice, I pedaled up to on-duty officers after killing the engine 50 yards before. We exchanged pleasantries, and I pedal away. I will start the engine a hundred yards or so later. State police, county sheriffs, and municipal officers have all plainly seen me. It seems that if you don't give them any reason to stop you, they just leave you alone.

  11. Dave C

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    With the sick bike parts expansion chamber there is an add on muffler that is made for Briggs & Stratton motors with a fitting to place it on their pipe. I have this setup. Then it becomes a matter of engine noise itself. The gears are really noisy and the fins can resonate adding to the noise. There are threads that deal with noise reduction. I have a few ideas on that subject, too.
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences, I think I need to invest in a BRIGHT yeloow jacket!

    I agree, If you dont give them a reason to stop you... They should leave you alone.

    I like the idea of cutting off the motor, before rolling up on the fuzz... a nice show of respect.

    BTW- What do you guys like best? Cruisers? MTN Bikes?

    Also does first frame you put a motor on, modify the attenment lengths for good or can you put an old motor on a new bike?

    Just curious, in case I decide to upgrade my frame.

    Thanks Again,

  13. Dave C

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    Both, really. New bikes with a 75 degree angle between the seat post and lower frame are ideal. Some of the city bikes out now are not good for this. If the seat post is nearly upright pass on it(wish I'd have).

    Bikes like are shown in the Pirate Bikes ad are what your looking for. Steel frame and rims are definately advised(mine's aluminum frame and rims :p )

    My sick bike parts sound deadners got here today. I can tell they are going to cut the noise a lot. The surfaces they go on act as little drumheads resonating to the vibrations of the motor. Add these elastomer dampners, no more resonating. Got some more silicone tubing, too. Now I can cut up some of the blue and wedge in the fins and cut that source of noise, too. :)
  14. Virginian

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    For only 2 miles and 37 years old, do you really think you need a motor? a not-very-good pedal cyclist can do that distance in 10 minutes and get some good evercise.

    But then you would miss the fun of a motorized bike. I wouldn't worry about small hills. A motorized bike will handle them like they are not even there.
  15. professor

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    Launce, I tell every new guy to get a bike with a minimum of 2 "V" brakes.
    There are cruiser bikes set- up that way if you want one of that style.
    You absolutely need to be able to stop better than a coaster brake, because you will not be going 5 or 10 mph.
  16. retromike3

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    think Mountain bike

    I try to stay from cruiser bikes because they usually don't have the right type of brakes. V brakes work if your going at a clip and the mountain bike bottom bracket is wide enough so that the engine can fit between the crank. I take the small and big chainring off my crank because I don't need them anymore.

    Usually the frame angles of a mountain bike are fairly shallow and stable. The bike I have now had two steep of a headset so I got a longer fork and that made things more stable. I had to weld new brake mounts on the forks for my V brakes.

  17. rob johnson

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    I act like iam pedaling when i see the police ,hope they dont see me. i ride 15 miles to work 5 days a week. my stock 48cc sky hawk goes up hills just fine but only 150 lb load. top speed 35 these things are the stuff
  18. lsoult

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    Thanks guys-

    I'm going to stick with my old MT bike for now. My brakes arent so good though. They chatter. If I cant fix it I'll buy new ones or steal them off my sons old mongoose BMX that was repalced last summer. My kit should be in this weekend... Wish me luck.

    Rob- I like the idea of pretending like pedalling. I need some rear view mirrors so I can keep an eye out.

    Thanks Again