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    Has anyone experience with Fuki Planning Co. of Japan?
    The engine is a 2 stroke KOMATSU ZENOAH BE30. The pedals are integrated with the engine so the gear from the engine goes directly to the rear wheel.
    Go to the this web site then click on English to get pictures and translation.
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    It certainly is a good looking machine. It's nice to see someone making something like that. I only wish I could convert yen to dollars.

    The crank integrated into the engine assembly might be a maintenance/repair headache, though.
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    Looks like they designed a bicycle frame to fit a moped engine. I like it.
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    1000 yen = $10.75

    9300 yen = $100.00

    98,000 yen = $1053.50

    79,800 yen = $857.85

    69,800 yen = $750.35
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    Thanks, 5-7

    Looks like about $850.00 (some variances, yes, but as a rough estimate)

    Though just a bit of money there, it doesn't look like a bad price considering how nice those bikes seem.

    I hope they succeed and inspire imitators.
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    that THING looks to be well engineered ??

    and made in Japan -- more need not be said...

    if one could buy one here for under a thousand dollars
    bet that THING runs for ever
    very interesting !!!
    as much as I wish that the US would turn out a fine MB
    Japan is proven to put out -- most if not ALL quality equipment.....

    ride that THING
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    wonder if any of the importers in the US have considered bringing these in ???


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    I can supply original brand new BE30 engine (NOS), complete with carburetor, excluding silencer for US$280, EX-Hong Kong. Silencer is US$60, Ex-Hong Kong. As silencer is bulky, freight can be expensive, and may not fit your motorized bike design, I therefore suggest that you source or fabricate your own silencer locally.

    DHL courier charge for the engine(w/carburetor) is US$150. I could use alternative, e.g. by surface mail parcel, which may take about 6 weeks, but it is significantly cheaper if you do not mind the waiting period.

    Interested party can contact me at

    Zenoah BE30-C Air-cool 2-stroke engine with built-in reduction gear specifications:

    Engine capacity :31.7 cc
    Power :0.8PS@4000
    Torque :0.15kgm/3500rpm
    2-stroke lubricant mix : 25 (gasoline) / 1 (2-stroke lubricant)
    Ignition :Electronic
    Spark plug :CHAMPION RCJ-8Y or NGK BPMR6A
    Start :Pedal start
    Clutch :Automatic centrifugal clutch
    Transmission reduction ratio :46/1
    Transmission lubricant:SAE#90 equivalent
    Transmission oil volume :200-250 cc
    External Dimension :208 (L) x 171 (W) x 234 (H) mm
    Dry weight :7.1 kg (excluding silencer)
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    You couldn't get it here (legally) without EPA stickers, fat chance importing the whole thing.especially in California (NON-CARB approved) And with a Max Speed 40 km/h (approx.25 MPH) (information is from website) there are several better machines out there for alot less.
    It looks nice ....but will the feds let us have it???? Naaa
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    BTW the website also states the following , NOT as the above poster stated, Caveat Emptor !!

    Max Power 0.8PS/45000~5500
    Max Speed 40 km/h
    Max Torque 0.15kg/3500~4500rpm
    Mileage Approximately 43km per liter (Normal driving speed)
    Engine KOMATSU ZENOAH BE30 (Air-cooling two stroke engine)
    Fuel 2 cycles oil mixed gasoline 30 (gasoline): 1 (2cycles engine oil)
    Engine Displacement 31.7 cc
    Full Tank Capacity DX/STDII 1.9L LAII 1.5L
    Ignition System Pedal Start
    Including switch for bicycle/bike use.