Long wheelbase hybrid recumbent

Discussion in 'Motorized Recumbents' started by recumbentbill, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Hello .Its been a long time since I posted. Thought some of you might find this intresting. A small company here in Memphis TN is making a LWB hybrid electric recumbent. I saw the owner and several other guys doing tests on the hybrid bent for data sheet stuff. I could not resist stopping and chatting with the group. Here is what i found out. I asked about the frame which looks like a heavy duty sun lwb[the front part]. Actually the frames are made by RANS. They have a beefy swing arm susp in the rear and telescopic shocks in the front. They have a giant front sprocket[bigger than my RANS gliss] that goes back to a nexus mid drive[internal geared hub] and from the mid drive to the rear electic hub. The rear tire is a beefy big tire by Maxxis.It almost looks like it should be on a moped. The battery is a LIPO and when I asked about battery life the owners said it was good for around 1500 cycles. neat looking bikes with a hefty weight and price tag[5 grand] The owners of the small co claim a range of 61 miles on a single charge pedal assist

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    Do they have a website?