New 80cc kit starts but no power dies when clutch is pulled

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bassassin, Jun 22, 2014.

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    Hey guys this is my first time building a bike from the ground up I've got a 48cc skyhawk this is the flying horse kit . When I pedal and let the clutch of the engine will turn over and start but when I give it has it just revs up a very small amount and still no power I have to pedal as hard as I can or the engine just dies . I had it together this morning took it for a test ride it bogged out when I went over half throttle but i thought it was because of the weak fuel mix for the break in 16:1 so after I got it back I let it sit while I cleaned up then when I get back on this happens , I've checked the spark and that's fine I've tried adjusting and readjusting the clutch but to no avail is there something I'm missing here ? The one thought I had was to remove the fuel valve filter combo my other bike doesn't have one and I never had a problem ,could it be the valve is too restrictive and not letting the fuel flow properly wich is giving me no power ? The fuel only drips out of the line when removed . Any help is very appreciated I tried to look around for a similar problem but I couldn't find anything so hopefully someone can tell me what's going on

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    you don't need a lot of fuel flow, but 'just drips' sounds like you're blocked somewhere

    first thing I'd check is the tiny filter in the tank at the top of the petcock
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    I took the petcock off it seems like there's no flow to it whatsoever I could barely blow through it after the petcock my tank didn't have a filter but the fuel flowed out fine when emptying the tank! could the weak flow from the petcock be causing a vacuum problem wich won't allow the fuel to run through the system smoothly wich is where the lack of power or and ability to power it self comes from ?
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    Just pulled my plug after another unsuccessful test it's extremely oily should I lower or raise the notch on the pin in the carb to lean the fuel out I'm thinking now it may just be running extremely rich and not allowing the engine to combust all the fuel any other suggests a would be much appreciated
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    I wouldn't worry much about plug color before engine has been run in a bit - sort out your fuel problem & don't expect a lot of power for first 10 or 20 miles.
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    This method of transport/hobby just isn't for those who are not mechanically minded or who don't have good problem solving skills.

    Even those people who do have good problem solving skills, still suffer from serious headaches when dealing with these engines; as simple as they may appear to be.
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    Just for a quick test , ride down the road and pull the gas cap, be very careful, if you have a blocked cap vent it will suddenly run much better and crashing with the gas cap off could ruin your whole day.
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    I actually worked as a hd mechanic for 8 years so I'm sure I know my way around a engine, hd means heavy duty , tractors pay loaders trailers so thanks for the negative comment
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    I've tried that before no difference whatsoever I've done everything at this point besides cutting the petcock out and running a straight line , ( I need a new fitting for the tank before I can try ) and getting a new ignition system so I'll let it sit over night and get the new fitting in the morning . Thanks for the advice though !
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    you didn't show a pic of your petcock, but most have 2 screws that hold them together

    open it and clean it out - it's really just a pipe with a stopper
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    Tried that multiple times it's the 2 one with two screws took it apart blew it out with a air compressor . The only thing I can see is how the fuel it sitting in the line it's the clear one my other bike had a actual fuel line so I don't have anything for comparison but it never really moves it seems I thought the line would eventually fill

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    I'm going to add that I can run next to the bike pop the clutch and it will run until I slow down then die even with the clutch pulled in .also throttle doesn't have affect Any effect on power but I can hear it in the engine , I know it works because I can hear it open and close with the engine off
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    that line won't fill - to tell if fuel is flowing, you need to open the drain at the bottom of the bowl and watch the flow

    if it is really firing (not just turning over) then you may just need to use the choke on it - once it fires a few times with the choke on, you can usually turn it off and fire it without the choke

    note also, that you may have filled the engine with fuel and so may need to blow it out by pedaling a lot with the spark plug out