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Jun 21, 2021
Calhoun County, Michigan
New build baby!
I'm working with an athena 70cc kit on an unbalanced bottom end. I think I might get one of the "pre ported" zeda 80 engine kits and just grab the bottom end. I'l upload some pictures after school. Trying to decide If I put this on a different bike or give it to the ol' blue bike. If I use different frame, blue bike becomes my beater bike with mountain tires and a 48t sprocket wheelie machine.

Quick question,
Can I expect the same top speed or more from an athena with a 40t rather than a minarelli with a 36t?
Which will have more torque, and which will have the higher top speed? I wanna use the athena with a 40t because my last experience with it on a 36t sucked, less torque than a yd100. Could be from improper build technique though. Please let me know, I'll have the photos soon.
Ya'll out there are lucky, its getting really really cold in Michigan. Gonna get some studded tires though and hopefully some insane riding videos!
I got some real nice 2 stroke oil I'll run only in this build, it's an orange amber color and it says like tw, I'll get a photo. More expensive than the good purple stuff I used in the relli. Can't wait to take building bikes to the next level!


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Well it was your words that pics or it didn't happen. I know this is a horrible idea, I just finished the bike at 12:45 and I leave for school at 7:35. Let's all take a moment to prayer that she starts and gets me to school. Think I might wake up early and try to start it in the 20 degree weather. Moved up the notch on the needle clip by one to give it a bit more fuel for break in, no fine tuning, went from 32:1 to 24:1, for my break in tank, and using that extremely nice and sporty 2 stroke oil. Let's all hope for the best tomorrow cause if she starts, after school I'm going from a 36 to either a 38, 40, or 42t sprocket. Still gotta figure out what I want to replace the lost minarelli torque. While I'm at it, should throw on my winter tires. I think I ride these things too much lmao.


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Ok, it started easy but then the ride to school it kept popping and was barley going, it felt like it was getting almost no fuel at all, but it took it a minute to feel like that, full choke would then only start for a few seconds then it would die, then it wouldn't start at all. I knew I'd have to upjet with this thing but Gosh darn, how much. I gotta fix this quick. Maybe something's clogged? It free revs just fine and was even four stroking a little tiny bit during riding. This "lean" feeling makes no sense. Anything helps. Maybe the head bolts became untorqued? But it still free revs just fine I'm at a loss
If I may convey a couple thoughts.... I did not hear anything about setting proper squish. This is important for any engine. You may have this done and I didn’t catch it.

One other thing..when re-installing the rotor magnet on the crank.. even though it’s keyed with the Woodriff key, there’s an awful lot of slop on the fit. If you’re running the full key and tighten it with out holding the magnet back it’ll be as advanced as can be with the full key… tightening will force the magnet to the advanced side of the key free play.
There can be a bit of timing variation just from rotating the magnet back and forth on the key.
Ideally it’s recommended to run 1/2 key retard. And if you are be sure to hold back on the magnet so as to prevent it from going to the most advanced position possible when you tighten the nut.
You may have all this covered already. This is just a couple things to keep in mind as you put it back together.
Rejetting is very important as you go from top end to top end. They all require their own set up.
Don’t rush. It’s better to get it right tomorrow than run it wrong today.
Good luck and ride safe.
Ok. I think it might be a clogged carbuerator. When I get home I am going to clean it out completley and upjet it from 75 to 78, im on a pz19. I will let you all know the results. I really just wish I could get out of school, not even doing anything