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    Hello fellow MotoredBikes members! To start off with, my name is steven, and I hail from Lexington park, MD. I am 24 years old. I have had my motorized bicycle for about 4 months and have been lurking on the forum for awhile. My current bike setup is: A 58cc star-fire gen ll-a 2 cycle motor, on a target Magna glacier point mountain bike.

    I am already planning my next build, with a worksman bike and a 66cc motor (not sure of what brand/ cycle im going to go with). I have a 55 watt car headlight bulb and a custom made mount/ reflector for a headlight. I power it from a 12 volt 5 amp SLA battery, also running off of the battery is a 12 volt led for a tail light.

    I have already gotten stopped by two different police this week, that told me that I cannot ride in the roadway at all, that i have to be in the bike lane or sidewalk, and that i have to have a helmet, also told me that i have to have a drivers license and a moped permit. (I have a current class C Maryland drivers license) So I spent all of last night pouring over the ANNOTATED CODE OF MARYLAND – TRANSPORTATION Bicycle Related Definitions and Laws, and so far from what I understand, the two police officers were compleatly wrong. so I think that next time im just going to take a ticket and go to court with the revalent laws printed out and highlighted, along with my employers lawyer.

    Anyway enough about that, I love my motorized bicycle and am glad that the warm weather is finally here :) thank you for reading a little about me, and see you on the forums :)
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    Welcome to Motoredbikes! Print out the laws to show police too.