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    Hey everyone, I am a moto biker in long island NY. Now I know that these motorized bikes are illegal in new york on public roads, but what about dirt and mtb trails?

    So todays the first day I used my mtb mb on these trails that I usually go to (stillwell woods). To be honest, I was veryimpressed with the performance. Now I am still in break in and running 16:1 but it was great. The little engine was able to pull me up steep, loose, rocky, sandy hills and eveb the steepest of hills only required very easy pedal assistance.

    I was averaging 14 mph through some tight trails, an average mountain biker would average 9 mph on these tight twisty trails. I opened her up and hit 28 mph on a straightway before stopping.

    The little two stroke had great enough mid range to push me through tough trails and this is all on a stock motor with 44t rear sprocket (Well I changed the spark plug wire and use a b6hs).

    I found an old car from the 50s rusted out and destroyed in the woods. It has a V8 engine and the body was all metal and just massive. Reason I assume 50s is because the dot code on the tires states the tire was made in 1953.

    Anyhow, the engine kit was only $150 and was a great success for its purpose as a low powered dirt bike that I could also pedal as a mountain bike.

    Anyone have great off road experience?

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    I think the code is '1453' a car from the 50's would be WAYYY bigger and ornate. It looks more like a late 70's-early 80's GM body. Reason being is the marker lights on the fenders by the front bumper. They werent mandatory before 71-73 i believe
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    looks like a Smallblock GM engine maybe an old Monte Carlo?
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    Maybe, maybe like an 83/84 model....