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  1. Reno

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    I have an old Mtn. bike that I have motorized with a 49 cc Grubee from Gasbike.net. The only change was to use a smaller gas tank from bikeberry. Used mainly off-road since I think it isn't street legal in Nevada.
    I would like to add a 56 tooth sprocket to help with the hills, but I'm having problems with gasbicyclekits.com delivery. I paid on 10-13, and I still haven't received the part. I've sent e-mails without response, made many phone calls only to talk to someone evasive and/or clueless, and have just about given up.
    $30 in the crapper.

    Anybody know a good place to get a sprocket?

  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Welcome to MBc,

    Should be several places to obtain a 56 tooth sprocket.

    Have fun,
  3. bigdan

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    I ordered a couple parts from them a week ago and have not received any correspondence from them or the parts I ordered. I have emailed them and I have tried calling them. If I don't hear from him by 5:00 PM PST I'm going to file a dispute with paypal.
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    Hope you get you parts soon.
    I wish they were legal in NV. A cruise down Las Vegas Blvd would be fun and we could have our rigs valet parked.
  5. Hawaii_Ed

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    What type of bike are you riding? Shiftkit is AMAZING on hills, and still gives you speed. 56T will top out crazy slow!
  6. bigdan

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    I just finished filing a dispute with PayPal. So, hopefully I'll get my money back at least. I'm going to start a thread in the vendor review section about this guy. People need to know what kind of business he runs.
  7. bigdan

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    Well, I just discovered you need to have posted at least 30 times before you can post a vendor review. Well, that's lame. Apparently I have posted 26 times. So, 27 down 3 more to go.
  8. bigdan

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    Update on the dispute with paypal:

    Paypal decided in my favor and I got my money back. In the mean time, I ordered the parts from Spooky Tooth (what I should have done in the first place). They should be here in a couple days so, there is a happy ending.