Optimum tyre width for 7/8" roller

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by mifletz, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. mifletz

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    A mountain bike wheel can take anything from 1.25" to 3" tyres.

    How critical is the tyre width for the roller?

    What is the optimum tyre width for a 7/8" roller for use in a very hilly area?

  2. loquin

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    The wider tires allow more area in contact with the roller...

    How wide is your roller? If you don't exceed the roller width, almost any tire width would work.

    I run a 2.125 tire (1.25 dia roller) and it works well.
  3. mifletz

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  4. Slackbiker

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    I like the top pictured tire. I travel on lots of Forest roads, and use Kenda Kross tires. They are cheap nylon tires. Most of the time a rubber tire may be better, but i had a bad experience with rubber tires picking up a lot of tar and debris in construction zones, a real mess.
  5. rawly old

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    I use the 2nd tire from the top,( kenda 838), the reason being that thin groove
    in the center closes under roller pressure making uniform pressure across the
    roller. With a flat slick the most contact pressure is at either side of the center.
    The result is better contact and reduced wear. Use this one if you ride mostly
    asphalt or concrete or, as Slack said, the top kenda kross if you ride mostly trail
    or unimproved road.