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    wnkzz 002.JPG

    I recently picked up what I believe is a 1999-2000 :whistling: Whizzer "Pacemaker" . It runs good and is in fairly good condition :D, although I recently blew a rear tire :ack2: and now replaced the tube. With that said my goal is to re-do this bike to look like an "old school" 1950's Whizzer by:

    1. Removing all the turn signals
    2. Painting it "Old School" colors...seemed like Red / Cream was big in the 50's
    3. Replacing the rear taillight with an "Old School" looking one.

    Other than that she would or could be confused (no experts) as a 1950's model.

    Now, the one question I have and what I would like to do is somehow remove the pedals, put on pegs and put a "Kick start" on the existing motor; sort of make her look like the 1950's "Ambassador" or "Sportsman". So the question is:

    Can - is there a "Kick Start" kit or if I track down the "Kick Start" mechanism, is it installable on the newer Whizzer enging?

    Opinions, response, consideration appreciated.


  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Bike looks to be a 2000 Sportsman. Decals are missing from tank. Wheels should be 24"

    Using the Sportsman name on the 2000 model sure is a mystery as it isn't a 20" or kick start.

    Someone called me a couple of days ago to tell me about converting the vintage kick stater to the new edition motor. Was told it could be attached via a plate mounted on the belt guard mounting posts. Of course the price for the vintage parts may shock you.

    BTW the 2000 model is considered rare as only 288 were made.

    Have fun,
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    I am a little confused.

    Are you saying that the bike I picked up and shown in the picture I posted is a "2000 Sportster"?

    I didn't know they made a 2000 Sportster.

    If I may ask, what makes you think it is?

    I'm curious...I know the vintage Whizzer Sportster had no pedals and were strictly a "Motor Bike"?

    Interested in your reply.

  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Motonut,

    I am considered the leading authority on the new edition Whizzers. In fact I have been writing articles about them in the Whizzer Newsletter for the last 8 years. Spent countless hours testing the New edition Whizzers for Whizzer USA, and offered tech & design help in the process.

    If your bike has 24" wheels and is medium blue with the early WC-1 motor [it will most likely have 2 long studs attaching the head to the crankcase] it is in fact a New edition 2000 Whizzer Sportsman.

    From 2000 to 2009 Whizzer offered blue in 3 shades:
    2000 Sportsman [medium]24" only
    2002 Pacemaker II [dark] 24" or 26"
    2005 NE5 [Pearlized Blue] 24" or 26"

    It also possible your bike is a 2002 as it is difficult to tell the difference between the earlier medium blue and the later darker version. The 2002 would normally have a badge on the front fork cover plate with "Pacemaker II" on it.

    As to why they called the 2000 model "Sportsman" is also a mystery to me, as I have a 1950 Whizzer Sportsman in my collection [over 25 Whizzers in my collection] with the kick start, 20" wheels, and 300-s motor.

    Anything you want to know about the new edition Whizzers, just ask.

    Have fun,
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    What I think Ray is referring to.....that bikes missing some of the glitter installed on a sportsman. There's also a reason for the reduced number of 2000's he mentions ,has more to do with Taiwan overproducing previous year than anything else.
    Quenton likes to beat his chest alot doesn't he? Thing is there's nothing to be expert on really. It's a bicycle with 60 year old flathead engine technology any kid from the 50s understood just as well, rode and fixed.
    Don't be misled by the praise dumped on someone by their followers. They're not weaned enough to go it alone, and they sell his stuff.
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    I've found Quenton to be very helpful and informative. I appreciate the time and effort he has taken to inform those of us on the forum about the new Whizzers. Personal attacks are out of order in this forum. Thank you Quenton for your efforts on our behalf and please keep it up.
  8. Racie35

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    No attack....just pointing out the obvious
  9. mason_man

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    Not to acknowledge the 300 Whizzer Dealers that came before him and all there Contributions???????.
    A lot of that information came from there efforts.....would you like to Thank Them in addition?

  10. Racie35

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    you might wanna answer no to that question...never know when you'll be taken wrong and left outta the loop. You wouldn't wanna be left with the 300 or so experts that came before this guy would you? Because thats all there was when he proclaimed himself the expert along with claiming design contributions.
    Fact is newer whizzer is a taiwan product that was sold over here by Whizzer USA, not him. They did their own research and development,investing their own hard earned money,onlt to have these wannabe's step up and claim every little thing that worked "they had something to do with" thats bull. If I buy the first Toyota out this year doesnt make me involved with a thing. Sure I test use only and have my own opinion afterwards on how good or bad it is....because I call and complain about the radio doesnt make me an expert.
    What I shouldn't do however is badmouth something im making money on through repairs or sales of used. He does, and guys like you motman cannot wait to come flying on, fists in the air , ready to dispute anyone who disagrees. You may need him to fix your bike or advise but I dont and I wont buy into this rubbish where he's always claiming design etc.
    Please dont think I'm attacking you either Motman, im not. You and a bunch of others just seem to me to have blinders on...its how I see it and dont need you to tell me what to post here. Racie
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    Wow....hey finally capable of responding to threads, I was having a problem with adding text but now since accessing the site via Google Chrome apparently I can......allow me to continue; I don't know most of the members, don't really know Quenton....all I was doing was attempting to get some information - guidance on my Whizzer and my possible re-structuring it to reflect an "old school", 1950s Whizzer. I know that the engine and drive components are different, maybe a little "cheaper" but making it look like an older model I thought would be pretty cool. Now that I see my Whizzer is possibly a 2000 Sportsman and not many were made, maybe I would be better off simply keeping it the way it is and just tracking down some decals which they came with and apparently are missing on mine. Look forward to future conversations.
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    Hi motonut, that's a nice looking WC-1 Whizzer Sportsman you have there, i'll see if i can help with those Decals.
    The New Edition can be made to look vintage, even the WC-1's motor.

    Check the head tube for the vin an all if 2000, then date should look like 0300, and model SP24 or something like that.
    Once again Welcome.


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    The picture you that an older Whizzer or a newer model .....and just wondering., I see you have the pedals on it but no it unfinished or what is the reason for no pedals - chain.

    Also...I noticed on my Whizzer the chain rubs, just slightly but rubs on the rear wheel. Not sure how to adjust this (chain) out away from the wheel, any suggestions. Thanks.
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    Not to re-hash my intentions, but here is what I am thinking of doing to the 2000 Sportsman to make it look a little vintage, let me know you opinion or other suggestions:

    Remove all the turn signals and reflectors - DONE
    Remove the mirrors - DONE
    Put on some "old school" decals
    Replace rear light with an older - vintage looking bike light
    Paint the Whizzer either black or the old look which I like - Deep Red with a Beige trim. If I paint it black I can keep the current seat, if Red/Beige I liked to put a brown seat on it.

    After that is done I think she would fool some unknown familiar Whizzer lookers and would look pretty cool.

    My other considerations, but I am not sure it can be done is to:

    Remove the pedals and chain and install a kick start on the engine and
    Possibly track down a springer front end and install it.

    Just some stuff I'm kicking around.
  16. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Motonut,

    You might want to consider making it look like the vintage Pacemaker. The original colors were maroon and trimmed with ivory. You can purchase the Whizzer springer front forks from Wildfire in Ohio and they will bolt on with little effort. The original maroon is the same as 1984 ford midnight red. The bike that Ray has is a 2001 Whizzer Pacemaker II [I have 2 of them, one is my wife's]and the only problem is, I don't like the bright yellow trim.

    Another issue to consider is your bike may not be one of the original 2000 Sportsman models. The 2000 Sportsman had a tan seat, deluxe controls, and no rear rack. It also had decals on the tank and chain guard. Having the long rear cylinder studs makes it pre 2001 as the studs were replaced with short 7 MM allen bolts on all models starting with the 2001 version.

    There were some "backdoor" Whizzers sold under other brand names by the vendor in Taiwan about the same time period. It is possible you don't have a "real" Whizzer, and could explain the mysterious parts. One of the names he used was Cruzzer, and he is currently planning on doing it again [although they won't be EPA, DOT, or Carb approved as Whizzer USA holds all the certs on the motor.].

    I guess you didn't receive any paperwork on your bike, making it hard to determine if it is a real 2000 Whizzer Sportsman. Try calling Debbie at Whizzer USA with the numbers from the VIN plate and she can tell you what you have.

    PS. The Pacemaker is my 1950 with the "300" motor and 1950 automatic clutch. The 2000 Whizzer Sportsman in the picture has had pin stripping added to the fenders.

    Have fun,

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    As time goes by and I keep playing with this bike along with the replies, I keep learning more and more about the Whizzer....more so just from the posted pics on the replies. It's appears that these "newer" reproduction models have different frames which to me look not as "sturdy" as the older style frames. Now considering that in the beginning MaverickTintedWindows 001.JPG the "Whizzer" was simply a "kit", earlier models I'm assuming can be found on a number of different frames. Without going into my "saved" Whizzer information, I believe it wasn't until the 50's, maybe the late 40's at which time Whizzer began producing the "complete bike". Anyway, playing with this bike is fun. I took her for a ride yesterday down to the local Speedway to buy some lottery tickets (hoping to win so I can buy an original Whizzer Sportsman - done - show quality). It was a blast riding, got the looks, questions...just cool. Oh, I still don't have the "Original Sportsman" (didn't hit the lottery). I'm jumping back and forth from repainting her the deep red and cream or solid black with trim....leaning towards the black just so she matches some of my other toys....I'll try to post my other collectibles and see how many approve to the "painting her black"....again, thanks for all the post, replies.....allot of fun and a good learning experience. Later (going to a good MC ride with a few buds).
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    Oooops. Pictures didn't come out....were placed correctly. Any, two other toys are a 1075 (all black) Ford Maverick "Police Interceptor" and a 1995 (all black) Harley Davidson Road you see why I am leaning towards painting the Whizzer "All Black":

    1995HDRoadKing.jpg 1975maverickinterceptor_001.jpg
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    Black motorcycles are too common....but Whizzers aren't! I think it'll look good