rear disk brake-jack shaft

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    I'm a bit confused on how this set up works. Can I run a rear disk brake with out a jack shaft> If no jack shaft, then wont the disk be on the left side and the rear sprocket\pedal side be on right and no place for motor drive? I see if you have a jack shaft the it drives through the bike drive leaving the left side ope for a disk.
    Any help clearing this up. I'm set up for both disk in front and back and want to know if I now have to go jack shaft to utilize the rear.
    I also hear you lose some power with the jack shaft due to the extra gear and chain and would be more beneficial to do without and build motor stronger to power through.



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    they make an adapter so you can run a disk and sprocket on one side. I'll see if I can find it when I get home. I believe it's called a top hat adapter, but don't quote me on that
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    Good to know. I still haven't made my mind up if I want a shifter. I heard its better to build motor and simplify and leave shifter out.
    Also need to decide if i want gears on the bike side. I won't be pedaling much if at all so maybe don't need if not going to jack shaft. How hard if geared right to pedal one of these bikes?
    I have everything just about ordered but haven't decided on this yet.
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    sprotors are kind of sketchy in my experience
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    That is perfect.
    I just have no clue on what size/offset. I guess I will wait to get all other parts delivered I.e motor, wheels.