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  1. artvine

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    Nice to finally get here. Hope to learn and teach alot!

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Cool. come on in and tell us a bit more about yourself. do you have an MB yet?
  3. artvine

    artvine New Member

    been semi-retired for 3 years now, needed a hobby and saw an add for a motor for a bike. ordered yesterday. will it keep me busy?
  4. artvine

    artvine New Member

    Been in the maint. field for over 20 years, worked in a factory that made the Meals Ready to Eat (M.R.E's) for our troops (there are only 3 of these plants). I still do consulting work for the company. I work only every other week!!!! Live on a small patch of land, 5 acres, out in the middle of nowhere in southern Illinois. Driving my wife nuts, so i saw an ad in Farm Show mag. (which by the way I never knew the mag existed and was the best reading ever, might try it yourself), for a motor kit for a bike, and orderded one from Kings. Hope I made the right choice. How bout you