Talk about being discouraged.

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by shushirice, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Been on the site for 2 days, and already discouraged. Sent in my $25 for the news letter. Just sold a 1974 23' GMC motorhome that needed more wrenching than a squadron of Whizzers. I thought all I wanted was a new Whizzer that would run a few thousand miles without having to turn a wrench. From what I've been reading it looks like I might be out of luck in my search. At 76, and weak, I'm not into sitting on a mechanic's stool, and wrenching anymore. I thought I could just go into a store someplace, and buy a nice shiny Whizzer motorbike to put on the back of my car, and drive down to Ft Myers for the winter, and ride around. Not going to happen I'm afraid. I understand the hobby aspect, and appreciate it for those able to bend down on a knee, and start wrenching. Can't do it anymore. If you hear of a new/older model (NE5) that's been worked over for the last time for a while, and somewhere east of the Mississippit, I might like to have a look at it. If I can't find something by next Spring, it's just back to flying those helicopters around the backyard for the kids in the neighborhood. I like the idea of a starter, disk brakes, turn signals, copper head gaskets (why didn't they build them that way when they had the chance) and some of the other goodies on the 2009 job. Happy Holidays. I'll be back.

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    Welcome aboard shushirice! You should be able find a good Whizzer on ebay, craigslist, and amongst our brethren here on the forum. Also, The Whizzer Gurus monitor the forum.
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    Welcome to the site, shushirice.

    At 76 and weak, JMO, the Whizzer or any 2-wheel might not be for you.

    How about a 3-wheeler, like a trike?

    No balance issues w/this one.

    Plug and play? Maybe a Subaru and friction drive?

    Unable to pull the starter? How about a Mitsubishi clone engine w/electric start on friction drive?
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    I'm not a mean guy, but you gotta be able to get down and dirty. Every week has preventive maintenance, and stuff gets changed, removed and reinstalled.

    I'm 65 years old, but strong enough to carry my 70lb bike up two flights of stairs, for now. The day will come when I won't be able to carry it. Then my wife or son will have a rope around the bull's horns (handlebars) to help pull the beast upstairs.:devilish:

    As I get older, I'll prolly slow down, to the point of riding a three-wheeler at the park.

    I got an idea!

    Find someone to wrench for you!
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    Thanks To All

    Thanks to all for the suggestions, and welcome. I go on a couple gun sites, and they are not as kind with their remarks as you all. Going to try a tilt lift in my receiver, and if I can't push it on I'll hook up a little winch of some kind with a long cord to operate it and hold the bike at the same time.
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    God willing, we might live to be as old as you, and just as "not so strong" as you.:bowdown:

    I can see myself riding a motorized three-wheel tadpole, recumbent or trike when I'm in my golden years. :devilish:
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    Recumbent??? I got a hard enough time just getting in and out of these new cars that are so low. Iam 70 but doing bike is still good. If you do three wheeler do one with big wheels they say the 20" are kind of squrally to drive..........Curt
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    I will take the school bus that way I can sit inside and drive.
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    When I get to be golden and not so strong, I might still be able to handle a motorized bicycle w/20" wheels. My boots should be able to hit the ground before I fall over. And of course, cruising speed would be much lower.

    "Sonny, can you take Gramps to the bike park"?
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    Hi shushirice,

    If you can locate an early Ambassador with the automatic clutch and get some help removing the motor and send it to me I can make it work correctly for you.

    Sadly it is a rare version [2007] and I think less than 50 were ever made [I have one]. It is electric start, disc brakes, and has a workable automatic clutch, not the problematic CVT. Once the motor and clutch are upgraded it becomes "bullet proof".

    Have fun,
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    Thank you

    Thanks a lot Quenten. I'll be on the lookout. Probably make a concerted effort closer to spring. chuck
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    Cheap 3 wheeler

    Hey shushirice,Welcome to M.B.c. I'm only 57 but suffering from not so good health so I know a little about what you're talking about. I still have some good day's when I can ride my regular bikes, but for those other day's I have a recumbent I built just for "THOSE" day's. I put peddles on it only to make it street legal, not for REALLY peddling, although they do work. Electric start, 49cc engine, headlight, tail light, turn signals, brake light, horn, ect, ect. It's easy to get in and out of because of the way I have the handlebars to use as leverage. With the 49cc I am hitting almost 30mph. It's kinda too fast for the bike. I hardly ever run it that fast. It's a REAL EASY build. You could get your grandson (or granddaughter) to help with it. Just click on my name and go to my album to check out the bike. I call her Tri-Baby. These pic's are before I put on the 49cc.
    Good Luck,
    Big Red.
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    Thank you Sir

    I'll take a good look.
  16. I'm 52 and my health is not so good. I can still ride a 2 wheeler, but cannot pedal very much. In reading this forum, and being a mechanic (I've been "promoted", and now only work on auto engine electronics, no heavy work involved. Very boring though) I have come up with all kinds of ideas I would like to try. I started out with a Staton friction drive on a Huffy Cranbrook, it has a pull start engine, but you could probably find an electric start engine for it. It doesn't have the cool look of a Whizzer, but in my state, the Whizzer is considered a motorcycle, due to it being over 48cc, and requires a full motorcycle endorsement.

    I figure realistically, by the time I wear what I have out, I will be looking at motorizing a 3 wheeled recumbent. I have ridden 2 wheel pedal recumbents, and they are very comfortable compaired to a regular upright bike. I wanted to motorize a Sun EZ-3 SX, one of the least expensive recumbent trikes made, but am not sure what would be the best way to do it. Staton used to make a kit for it, but no longer does. Riding a recumbent is a lot like riding a chase lounge chair down the road. You have full back support, you can just lay back and cruise. And if the engine is under 48cc, it is considered a bicycle in my state, but some states have some pretty draconian laws on motorized bikes. I believe in some states they are illegal altogether (other than electric ones), because they are not DOT and EPA approved.

    A trike can be a bit awkward in town however, because of their width. They take up a whole bike lane, leaving very little room between you and cars. I've had my mirrors broken a couple of times from being hit by cars while riding a pedal 2 wheel bike.

    Another possible choice, if you feel like you can ride a 2 wheeler, is an actual moped. Remember those from back in the '70s? I still have one, a 1977 Puch Maxi. Hasn't been ridden in years, don't know if I will ever get it going again or not. You can still buy brand new Tomos mopeds, with auto oil injection and electric starters. In my state, they require a drivers license (not a motorcycle license), insurance, and registration. The insurance is about $20 a year for minimum liability, and the registration is $11 a year.

    Yet another possibility is a new VeloSolex S4800. It is a step through motorized bicycle made in France, and costs about $2,000. Here is a link to one. This place also sells Tomos mopeds. ( Also check out the Tomos Revival TS. It is a really cool looking step through moped with oil injection and electric starting.
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