The perfect hub

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Zomby Builder, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. This is off a motobecane. Big drum brake, Sprocket bolts on hub, freewheels on pedal side. Just one speed but it's solid... Perfection at its simplest. 50



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  2. Looks Beefy....It would be nice to have a good hub with multiple gears tho ;-O

  3. Still for sale

    I can't believe nobody has bought this yet. It will fit any bicycle. Kicks butt on those spoke bolt ons.
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  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    that's a heavy duty hub

    saw some of those around back in our bicycle shop in the early 70s

    yes - we saw some - but - they were not in for hub repair

    be interesting to take a look inside -- does it need rebuilding -- parts available ?

    ride that thing
  5. It was taken off a neglected moped left outdoors for over 15 years. The odo read 47 miles. The shoes look brand new & I have another set from the front hub. The freewheel side is just a thread-on like a bicycle. You could thread on a cluster sprocket to it.
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  6. Everybody wants a shifter

    Including myself, we all push the limit of this sport. This hub is bullet proof, but from the no response that I have had, I have to assume that the sicbike innovation has taken the #1 priority upgrade to the HT motor. Huh Andy?? After all, who needs a hub that will outlast the motor by 10 times? Or for that matter who ever thought that that junker in the corner of the garage would ever amount to anything anyways. Unlike others, I am not in this for the money $$ Ask Large -- or ask Auggie... or ask capturedbyrobots or the guy that I gave the Motobecane 50 engine to. Or anybody else who truly knows me. You know who you are!!! Anybody that has an original idea that is willing to share it here is welcome to this hub for free. Post your plan here. I will pay shipping for a true original idea.
  7. I'm digging that hub! Is it 36 hole?
    For any china engine project that does beat the spoke mount bar none!
    Would work for any Titan install as well.
    I count 44 teeth.
    Lacing is not too hard to do too. Getting spokes would be the only real expense.
    And you can get thick ones too.
    I'd ask you for it Zomby but I've got a wheelman wheel coming in the mail!
  8. hub to AK

    Sending to a new perfect home up north. I have another hub from a tandem if you want it. Drum is much smaller than the Motobecane But it beats the legs draggin. reg spokes/& freewheel will fit. Free ship to you Large. Anybody else pays 15.00.
  9. Got a Pic

    I think Ill take it front or like that one? freewheel? 36 spoke 10 ga. ? width and size of the axel? pads clack when you move the actuator? I have the perfect bike. Myson and I ride a Schwinn Heavey Duti Chicago.He's 2yrs old and I want to get a better stopping method! 360 560 0583 Rick
  10. If you get it large measure it with cutting spohes or measuring welding rod centered the order 1 1/2" rolled end 10 guage spokes from the closest big town in your areas wheel builder(Bike Shop) tye them up and make sure they all stick out the excact length out the hoop then true it and grind em measure the length and hub model and Ill find one.?
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  11. SirJakesus

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    A moped with 47 miles left outside to rot... it breaks my heart... seriously. Thats he||a sad.
  12. thescooterguy

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    i used one of those freewheel hubs you got on yours to make a crank .almost free , they come right off the back wheel of an old electric scooter or 49cc scooter with rear freewheel sprocket . the video is dark but it worked now I'm just perfecting it , the cool thing is that you can use diff size teeth for the outer ring in fact the #25 chain in a nice outer ring and is readily available on any scooter part site I'm just having problems tracking down that bike size chain ring with the 4 bolt pattern . for the inside smaller ring , really not changing the subject , i just picked up most of the pieces to an electric Currie pedal assist bike , and i need the rear sprocket , your piece might have worked but needed the freewheel bundle also , and the way it was putt together reminded me of the crank I'm building ,