This one we call the tripple nine

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    Here is one of the latest builds we call this one the triple nine. This bike is one of the more detailed builds so far. Still sporting the china motor, manic mechanic hub adapter, custom tank, custom box for electronics. But there is more the frame has been custom built to give it that worksman style along with custom dropouts to stretch the bike out a bit. The fender brackets were custom made with saftey in mind these fenders are as stout as the bike and wont be breaking and causing problems like I have read on the site. There is number plates on the rear of the bike that may get a 999 decal put on in time and also a number plate on the front fender. This bike is a customers bike but we liked it so much we gave it a name and decided that this will be another one of our production bikes. If anyone is intrested in having one of these built or would like to have a custom built bike shoot me a message for pricing and info.


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    Lovin the raw look and the front end.
    Great pics.
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    If your going to build more bikes like this I'd look at running the exaust pipe out the back. You are already modifying the pipe. It's a low performance short pipe. Why not make it a low performance long pipe?

    The look would fit the bike a lot more:helmet:
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    yhea that would be great but the customer gets what the customer wants. but thank you for the idea there, ill try to get the next customer to go with somethin like that to see how it looks. PEACE OUT RAT BIKE