Too fast down hill!


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Mar 10, 2008
St. Louis MO
OK so i have a eBay frame mounted engine with 44t exhaust. it ran great and never gave me troubles. So i let me buddy ride the bike and he was gone for about an hour. He came pushing it back and said it stopped running. I asked him what he did and he had no idea. Then i asked him if he was going AS FAST AS HE COULD DOWN HILL and he thought for 2 seconds and said yes. Idiot. NOW it vibrates like crazy, but everything seems like it is tight and working properly. I have checked everything but internal motor stuff. OHH and the exhaust sounds more muffled than before. Any ideas yall?
hi tony; i think you will need a piston and rings. and a barrel. remove exhaust and carb, pull plug wire. remove the 4 head nuts and washers. dont let any sand or dirt get down into the crank. if your engine is burned up you will see and be able to feel with a fingernail scratches on the piston and barrel. keep the motor covered untin rebuild. its not real hard, we will help. your buddy should pay half. mitch
Then you should get in your buddy's car,shift it in first gear and go 60 miles an hour.
you probably have a scuffed piston and cylinder. You are lucky. I oversped one of my builds big time on a 50tooth sprocket going downhill at sealevel (bike spent most of its time over 1.5 miles altitude) and I lost a bearing that did a good number on the engine.
regarding enemas, it depends on what you are into. For the sake of the noobs, I will comment the odviouse;
Two stroke fuel goes into the crankcase before it hits the chamber- every time the piston goes up, it slurps another load in. That load gets shot up into the chamber with the downstroke. While in the crankcase, it lubes everything up (you know, if this weren't a discussion about two-stroke engines it would sound pretty disgusting right about now...)- the amount of speed determines how much lube the engine gets. When you WIDE OPEN THROTTLE DOWNHILL, you run the risk of pushing the motor faster than the fuel/oil can protect against friction- this is also why you do not use engine compression to slow down on a hill. I disengage the clutch and ride the brakes as needed.
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MAX-M, that says it ALL!~ I think in a nice kind of way, your friend needs to replace. Uno, there is such a word called (respect) for other peoples stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!~