Safety Watch the shoelaces and pant cuffs

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    I don't chat with too many In here and rarely give advice to anyone.But after This morning.I guess I better say something about this for people's safety In general.Went for a ride and Stopped at a red light.Went to moving after It turned green and my shoe strings got caught around the pedal and gave me a minor wreck and a bruised ego as cars passed by laughing.The shoestrings can do you In If too long and The pant cuffs to baggy pants In particular can cause you an accident If pedalling and running motor at same time.Now I shove my shoestrings In my shoes and tie off the open cuffs In my pants If they are baggy style to keep safe.Do what you want,Just some opinion of mine that don't mean jack squat.Maybe somebody will understand where I am coming from and give these often overlooked safety Issues some thought. btw, 5-7 heaven.You stated I show some knowledge.Well,Here's a little bit that gets overlooked 90%of the time and has caused bad accidents.
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  2. give me vtec

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    very good advice... I have had a couple minor run-ins with my pant cuff. I wear shorts now.
  3. MikeJ

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    Here is a common ploy:

    Cut shoestrings short; keep only long enough to tie.

    Pant cuffs: wrap leg with one circle of electical tape. Keep loose enough that you don't notice its presence during a ride. It is easy to remove and does not leave residue. I prefer long pants over shorts: less severe road rash if I take a fall and never a sunburn.
  4. G-Superior

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    when i wear jeans or something long i shove it inside my socks:D
    Sure it looks stupid but it saved my leg many times from getting pulled into the chain and stuff like that and getting greasy and oily :grin5:
    RIDE SAFE EVERYONE BECAUSE YOU HAVENT GOT 2 LIFES! dont think you are on your lucky day and dont rush to get things done because it will never be done propely, just my advice:rolleyes7:
  5. anthony1973

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    If I had been doing 35 and had this happen.I could have gotten hurt.Never had this problem before today In 10 years of riding.I decided for now on to tuck my pants and It was my shoe loop that got stuck.So I just shove em In my shoes.Little things like this can really get a man hurt.
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    My cheap Moongoose has a chain guard, the expensive (to me at least) Trek didn't.
    I made a wire guard that bolts on to the sprocket. It only is a few inches long- just long enough to deflect the pant-leg as the crank goes around. Easy fix.
    If you observe where your pants get caught- it is only in one section of the chain ring.
  7. give me vtec

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    dang right it is... in the front where the chain meets the sprocket. That spot has eaten up a couple of my good jeans
  8. SimpleSimon

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    I started using pants leg clips 40 uears ago. They are cheap, they work great, and they pop on and off much more readily than tape or velcro cuffs.
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Yep, the engine drive chain and sprocket grabbed my shoelaces, just as I hopped off the curb onto the road and walking speed. Thankfully, no close call.

    No laced shoes while riding anymore. I bought velcro-strap shoes.:idea:

    Slip-on Redwing boots also.
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    as a kid, there were more bicycles than people in my family, so we always had a lot of those velcro pant leg things all over the house...
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    Hot leg

    When i was first getting my MB running some how my pant leg caught on fire. Now hole in pants. I fold and roll up my pantleg now.