What a find.

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    Did a google search looking for info for my second build and found this site. But I see someone beat me here....
    Did my first build when I was 12. All home made, kinda of a crude build I must say but ya work with what ya have. I had an old 10 speed, a 3hp briggs and to much time. The balance was way off but that didn't matter much at 30mph. Great fun when your 12.

    I look forward to reading, learning and sharing.//////////Thanks.
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  2. bamabikeguy

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    I spent decades thinking about these, but never really seeing one. And the first build probably resulted in more potential ideas than miles, it wasn't long before that Avalon was ultra-modified.

    I think there are 18,000 threads now, but a lot of short-cuts to find what you need to know.

    Heck, you're in the icy tundra, you could probably read them all by the time it thaws out.

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    that's what I am talking about


    ride that thing