Won't idle, but everything else is fine.

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Hello all,
I found out that my bike wont idle when I pull the clutch. There was a similar thread like this, but that guy said that he was losing power, etc. My bike runs fine, It just dies when I pull the clutch, and I have the idle screw in all the way. Any ideas?
Thanks for all the help,
My Kings "80" also runs great but has never idled. No amount of choke, slide adjustment, clip moving or float adjustment has made the slightest difference.
I have a Dax 70. O-ring carb? What does that mean? You think my carb is leaking air? And clutch adjustment wouldnt make any sense because my engine idled fine before I had to replace the piston and piston rings. And no offense alaskavan, none of those threads are any help because they either deal with slightly different problems, or have a difference carb than I do. I thought about possibly adjusting the clutch cable for slippage, but when I have the clutch out and walk the bike, it holds strong, so their cant be any problem there. Is it possible that I have to wait for my brand new piston to be broken in before it will run 100% smoothly?
a new piston and ring combo is pretty much gonna need to seat itself (break-in)
that would be my call :)
I thought that may be the thing, but wasnt sure. Thanks for the help. So this is going to be another breakin process, same as when I first got the motor?
o-ring the carb??

I'm assuming you've trimmed the intake and exhaust gaskets(cos some of them are overly large and restrictive)
Adjust your carby needle...the richest setting is when u move the little retaining clip fually down from the top of the needle.
This is what is meant by O-ringing the carby...it does wonders for idling and general smoothness.
Other than that i'm afraid it's trial and error.......good luck. :)

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