2005 Whizzer carb identification


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Nov 6, 2007
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As the title states, I have a 2005 Whizzer. I would like to know how to tell if I have the 22mm carb or the 26mm carb. I was going to PM Quenton but I thought others might want to know this info too. I have no manuals for this beast yet.(hopefully soon) Since this is a Whizzer question I posted it here. If it belong somewhere else mods, please move.

Hi Jim, The 26 MM carburetor is very rare and only a few early Whizzers had them [I am sure less than 200]. And I purchased the entire remaing stock from Whizzer last year and only have a couple left in stock. It is very easy to tell the difference by simply looking at the choke lever. The 26 MM had a black plastic lever, and the 22 MM has a metal assembly. The 26 MM has the air/fuel adjustment directly under the front mounting flange of the carburetor. Usually the letters "PD" are found on the side of the carburetor housing. I have talked to many Whizzer owners that purchased Walbro, Mukini, & Keihn versions but failed to ever get them to work correctly. At Dawson Springs, KY I had a hard time getting a 26 MM Mukini to work on my little Sportsman racer with a really hot NE motor. But when I ran the original Whizzer 26 MM with a #130 main jet the little red racer lifted the front wheel off the ground many times. I guess the internal jets, & passages are different between the different versions of the 26 MM carburetors. Hope this information is helpful. Contact me if you want a copy of the service manual [for the WC-1 motor & bike, however the only version available].
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