2nd build Dahon Folder with Friction Drive

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  1. Rich 240

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    My latest build, a Dahon Speed folding bike with a Honda four stroke and friction drive.
    Simple, quiet, dependable, easy to pedal and it folds down just like it did before installing the engine! Overall width may have increased by a couple inches.
    This is one sweet ride, no not a pocket rocket like the China Girl I cut my teeth on, but it folds right up, stows in the trunk (full of gas) no leaks, no smells, I can take it to work and it sits right across from my desk, ready for coffee breaks, lunch, etc.
    I can't say enough about the Honda engine, the thing is an engineering marvel.
    It's a real no muss no fuss ride that anyone can build and ride. The China Girl on the other hand took a lot more skill to build and definitely more to maintain.
    I would highly recommend this type of setup for someone who doesn't want to spend their time tinkering and would rather just get on and go.

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  2. fetor56

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    Great setup u have there Rich,plus the added advantage of easily being able to fill the Honda's tank completely.
  3. Mountainman

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    no breake downs -- ((sideways))

    nice looking MB setup there Rich

    regarding your comment about ((would rather just get on and go))
    oh yes I truly understand
    I perfer a quality engine today
    jump on that THING and ride, ride and ride with no break downs ??

    I am at a couple of thousand miles now
    only had to tighten one THING once
    gas tank I think it was -- took two minutes -- my kind of repair !!!

    ride that MB thing ((sideways))
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  4. pooja84

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    It's an exclusive piece. I found this folding bike very cute. Keep it up!!
  5. Rich 240

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    Top speed on a folder

    Well just a quick update for anyone interested...
    I added a speedo to the folder to see how fast this folding friction drive will move and to calculate mpg.
    I rode up hill to the hamburger stand, just a slight grade of about 2.5 miles and clocked 29.7 mph. I had the bike shop calibrate the speedo to the 20" wheel/tire combination to be sure I would receive an accurate reading.

    I filled the tank and will calculate mpg in a few more miles.

    Coming back down from the burger place, I just kept the bike at a more comfortable speed of 20 to 25 mph. This speed "feels" much better than the close to 30 I ran it going up.

    With a hard tail, no seat springs and no front shocks, the little folder definitely gets one's attention and keeps it focused, like driving a sports car with rock hard suspension.

    I will say that the small wheel size seems to help get the bike moving up to speed pretty quickly.

    Hill climbing capability with the 1.25 roller that came with the kit I would classify as medium for a medium (150 to 170lb. rider)

    All in all, I was surprised at reaching that high of a speed and while I don't plan to "cruise" there, it's nice to know it packs plenty of "punch" in such a small package.