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    Aloha, I'm a daily rider that's given up on 4 wheels, I have 2 bikes I've built and ride to/from work every day and of course after and on weekends. Looking to build my 3rd and need some advise. I've got a Dyno stretched springer with 100 spoke wheels that I want to motorize and customize, any and all advice would be much appreciated. 1st question is mountining the sprocket with all the spokes.

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    erm...exactly 100 spokes?

    oh yeah, it divides by 4...25. :dunce:

    but still doesnt get into 9 very evenly. shame that. 108 would have been ideal...

    custom hub adaptor thingy. :( only thing that instantly springs to mind is getting a sprocket without holes, and drilling it to suit your, 5 holes, something like that. make the rubber "discs" from, well...rubber? an old wetsuit perhaps? mudflaps "borrowed" from someones car? and just big washers behind, rather than the normal segments they supply in kits. 5 is about the only really feasible number of holes, if it has 100 spokes. (50 on each side, so would expect 25 "crosses"...and only 5 really factorises into that neatly) otherwise its remove spokes, get the bare hub machined somewhere to take an adaptor of some type, then relace. have fun! :jester:

    it does have to remain removable, so no welding!

    radial or crossed spokes? i wouldnt trust radial spokes!

    4 wheels are for people with bad inner ear infections :) no balance!