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    I'm from San Francisco CA, and am currently beginning my first build of a Motorized Bicycle 406(a) that will be powered off of a ~45cc Pulsejet engine. Unfortunately California Legal code is confusing at best, miss-worded at worst and I'll probably be coming here for help on the legal side of things over the next couple of months.

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    I didn't know that pulse jets were rated by cc's?

    Too cool, bring it to one of the Socal Motor Bicycle Racing events and I will
    give you and a friend free entry passes if you run it on the track.

    How much HP does your pulse jet make?
    Do you have the pulse jet now?
    How far can you drive it on how much fuel?

    California law is a little confusing but not that hard to figure out.
    There is no mention of engine size by cc or any other way.

    Motor with less than 2 gross brake HP and auto transmission.

    Maximum speed of 30 mph on level ground.

    Fully operative pedals for human power and 2 or 3 wheels.

    You are required to wear a DOT helmet and have a drivers license
    with a M2 or M1 endorsement.

    $20 one time fee license plate from DMV.

    Left side mirror, horn, lights.
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  3. Thrandurne

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    This will not be my first pulse-jet construction, however this is going to be the first I ride around on. I am not starting work on it until sometime around October or November due to reasons. pulsejets can put out as little or as much HP as you want, and can be 'tuned' to almost any amount within the limitations of the build (no 100 HP in a 0.5in diameter, or 1hp in a 4in). the only problems I have (so far legally) is with the Transmission, as a pulsejet has none; and noise (pulsejets are LOUD and I'm working out plans to build in a muffler).
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    You may want to join a jet engine forum as well. I read an article about a rocket engine designer that would test scale models of his engine designs by bolting them to the cargo rack of his bicycle and and lighting them off for a ride.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    LOL You are taking things a little too literally about the CA laws saying auto transmission.

    That means direct drive with no ability to change gears so having no transmission would be legal.

    yes, they are very loud so you are gonna get a lot of attention if you get it on the road. :jester:

    You didn't answer the questions about fuel use and mileage.

    Don't they spit flames out the back?

    Doesn't sound like a very practical power source for driving around but I see that you are 18.
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    he said 45 cc and there is no emission testing of CA legal motorized bikes and mopeds.
  7. Thrandurne

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    they eat fuel faster than any other engine known to man, I'll basicly be on a fuel tank with wheels if I want to get anywhere.
    they do shoot flames out the back during a stall, or if you haven't tuned the jet correctly and they only shoot back 1-3ft.
  8. wheelbender6

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    Jets suck fuel like a Corvette, but Chevy has no problem selling them all.