HT 66cc general reliability?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Joe, Jan 10, 2012.

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    I'm pretty sure I have the HT engine. I still don't know all the differences, but like I said, I'm fairly certain I have the HT engine. I bought it from BoyGoFast on eBay if that helps.

    Anyway, I'm curious as to the reliability of the engine? I've read most of the "stickeys" and plan on making most of the upgrades. Plug, hardware, etc. But even after all that, there's still alot of chinese in there like the engine and head castings, piston, crank, rod, etc.

    I'm asking this to prep the bike for a breakdown where I'd have to pedal it home.

    The upgrades I've made so far is the chain tensioner. Last night I ordered a pirate hub and sprocket. Ordered a kit from them that includes a new 26" wheel. The tensioner that came with the kit pretty much destroyed my wheel. When I got it all assembled and took it on a ride, the first time I released the clutch to kick the engine over, the tensioner folded inward into the spokes.:veryangry: Bent 3 spokes and broke 1.


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    Hey Joe,

    Guess really the best thing to tell you to do, is any and everything you can think of as a question type it into the search above. Sit back, and read,read,read...........

    Glen ;)
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    Welcome to the club, Joe.

    Yeah, that tensioner is a killer. You need to assemble one that will never, EVER, fall into the spokes again.
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    yep tensioners suck when they go walkies. ive got an older frame and i welded it on:-/ and it has survived nearly 2 years of every day riding:rolleyes7:
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    i havent tried a 66 with a central plug yet, but after my first experience with one, i stick to the 48's :)

    maybe without the leaky slant type head, theyll be ok, but i couldnt be bothered finding out. as i said, i stick with the 48's.
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    I don't know, i've got one 48 and one 66 and they are both about the same as far as reliabilty goes.
    neither one of my engines leak oil or anything like that.
    both of mine have ther angle plug heads and both run great with lots of power.
    I bought both of these engine kits from e-bay (bgf).
    I have bought 2 other 66's from BGF which are on other bikes that belong to friends of mine and both of them are good too. no leaks, plenty of power, etc.
    BUT, my 48 seems to be made of much better castings (cylinder and head), has a much better carb (nt) and it looks more like a motorcycle 2 stroke than the 66 does. The carb that came with my 48 is an nt but it's totally different than the nt's that come stock on the 66's.
    Two major differences in my opinion is that the 48's don't have the vibrations that a 66's do, and the 48's revs higher.
    both have the same amount of power and in certain instances, my 48 is faster than my 66.
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  8. SdCruizer

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    im new to all this and am curious about mine too
    is there a pic of the other engines
    I got mine from a guy who knows BGF and gets them directly from him
    66cc with slant head he lists them as H2 does that mean anything or should it of been listed as HT
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  9. SdCruizer

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    since you mention leaks, I have splatter near the front engine mount
    im guessing its the exhaust gasket? not sure where the oil is coming from
    but I do notice my tank leaks around the cap blows down the frame all the way to the back wheel