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    hi name is bryce and just built my first bike. its a grubee 66cc on the last bit of the break in tank. but after maybe the first 20 miles the chain broke and tore up a few teeth on the standard 44t. so got a new heavy duty 415 chain and a 48t sprocket. broke in the chain today took a wile but it works great but seems to run slower with the 48t sprocket. is this sprocket going to be to much on the new engine.

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    Going from a 44t to a 48t will reduce top end speed but should give a little more low end power I'd assume. Smaller is faster larger is more power etc.
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    Yeah, with a 44T, you'd be going ~26MPH @ 6000RPM. 6K RPM is a safe redline for the HT66, from my experience. They often aren't well-balanced engines.

    With a 48T that drops down to ~24MPH. You might want to switch to a smaller sprocket unless you have hills to fight!

    IMO, a 36T is best for flat runs. The 66 has really good midrange torque from 3500-5K RPM. I used a 34T for several years.
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    Welcome to the forum. Getting chain alignment and tension correct is a bit of a trial and error affair. I recently removed one link from my motor chain to tighten it up. This required me to move the tensioner forward on the bike. I began to have constant chain derailmments from the rear sprocket. The answer: the frame narrows as you move forward from the rear wheel (chainstays). As I moved the chain tensioner forward, the tensioner mover inward, toward the centerline of the bike, derailling the motor chain.
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    ok i want to go to a 3?t but not sure witch one to go with if any one has suggestions. they have these really cool ones made of anodized aluminum and come in a few colors. its sold by "King's Sales and Service Custom Machined Super Sprocket for motorized bike kits" that is from ebay not sure if it is the real name of the co. i was wondering if anyone has used them and if they are good before i spend $50 on one.
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    Aluminum looks nice but it wears out pretty fast. You can consider that a wear-n-tear part.
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    ok cavi any suggestions on a good 3?t sprocket.