police came to check bike and

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    he did not know what to do ,he said theres no vin to check , i said you can use the bike serial number or the state assigns you a vin and plate , he said its not a moped so you should not need a plate , i kept telling him in Michigan you got to get it classed as a moped , then he said well until i go to secretary of state and confirm that you need a plate and registration then he cannot inspect it .but he kept saying that its not a moped and did not want me or him to get into trouble until he was 100% sure i needed a plate , but i said people all over usa are having probs with police about if legal or not legal and was saying its a nice bike as well lol , while we was talking he did look at the bike and look at the list list for inspection , but said if i have to get it inspected then
    1/i got 2 cree5 with 14500 battery in , he said he not sure if that be legal as for headlights and might have to read up on it ???i said well one for low beam and one for high beam , but i not be riding it at night , (will they be ok as headlights????)

    2/he said i need to have a license plate light , anyone who lives in Michigan and got there plates how did you make a license plate light????

    3/ he said something about tires saying they need more tread on them ok are these tries ok

    here's the lights i am using first pic and front and back tires other pics ,
    is this ok to past inspection if needed and as anyone else in Michigan got these lights and a plate ??



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    Those are good looking lights. So, I wish I could help you out considering, but I live in VA. So, what did they say?

    PS--- Do you recommend those CREE lights? Do, they last awhile on battery?

    Best wishes.......

    Glen I would only use them on flash mode during day.
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    My friend what you have here is a pretty clear case of smoke being inserted in the rectal passage. It happens quite frequently when questioning people who don't have a clue what they're talking about. Mopeds in Michigan don't have a plate, it's a decal sticker.
  4. You lights look fine. I don't know the laws there, but here if it's under 50cc you don't need registration, insurance, or a plate. Just a Learners Permit ID at the least. Your front tire looks a little worn, your rear looks fine. On bikes your front is always first to go, I'd replace your front just for safety, get's serious very quickly when one blows out. Especially your front.
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    the police man said he was not sure if the lights was legal as he not seen nothing about these bikes and he would have had to look it up (look what up lol)i said there very bright i tried them other night and i could see 30-50 feet in front of me and looked good , so tom i would get a decal sticker not plate in Michigan but i seen mb bikes with plates on ?? in other states, i got a spare tire i put that on , we going to sos today to hope get some answers and get the forms we need , i kept saying that a few people from this and other website have had to get register in Michigan , he was still baffled and kept saying its not a moped its a bike ,and in shelby township they would not pull me over for that , but i said other towns and citys might and i boarder 4 city/towns and use them more than my own town and said i just want to be legal and not get a ticket , all this to ride 20-25mph its WRONG.

    they should have 1 law for all mb bikes in usa not 52 different ones .
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    Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, it's never going to happen.

    If there ever is the same law in all 52 States the chances are that law will be
    that motorized bikes are illegal in all 52 States.
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    ok here goes ,
    went to Secretary of state women at info desk did not know what to do but gave us a registering a moped form the sos 430 and said does your bike have these following points like under 2.0 hp, under 100cc etc etc (out of date as it says not exceed 50cc piston but one online the new one says 100cc ) i said yes but , told us to phone Lansing main office up for more info,
    so we went home phoned them up and they said all i need was the sos 430 form and bill of sale
    and as for the vin number i can use the serial of the bike .i said what about an inspection the women said don't need one .
    so i am still baffled that some people had to have inspection and other filled in different forms so next Friday (wife got to re do her plates car then as well we going to go and try reg the bike and see what happens ) and yes tom they said i will a sticker .so i spent $6 on some plate lights for nothing heheh .hope i get this sorted as its very frustrating.
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    greebt 48cc i not had chance to test the light out proper but with the 14500 battery they shine better than normal battery's i not sure how long they last but there rechargeable ones but for the price there great imo .
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    ok now i more frustrated than ever.

    went to secretary of state with bill of sale and the 430 form Lansing sos said i needed '
    women looked at forms i show her a pic of bike , she went to see the manager of the sos came back 10 mins later saying they cannot register it as a moped as its not a moped its a assisted pedal bike , i said other people in mi have got to registered she said that's different area than us and might have different polices ???printed a sheet out( rv section m page 25) quote (cannot issue a moped due unless it as all the required equipment listed above ) lights etc i got them but she said its not a moped ?? (it is left to local units of government to regulate any use of these small motorized vehicles )what ever that means

    sooo i came out with nothing and i keeping all the papers i got for if i do get pulled over and tell them what sos and police said as i dont know what eels to do ..
    still confused
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    Uno, I'm sure that you're not happy, but those papers you have are your clean slate!~

    Glen :)
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    hope so m8 i wrote times and dates when i went to sos and police came , i will keep all forms to show i am trying to get registered , weird thing alot of people on here not bothered trying to register there bikes and i am but cannot lol they say i don't need to police and sos .so now i going to ride my bike that been sitting for last 2 weeks (if the rain stops lol) and hope i dont get pulled over .