Recommended Engine Oil Brand?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hal the Elder, Oct 31, 2008.

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    I was advised to use a single-viscosity, non-synthetic, 40-weight engine oil for my new Whizzer.

    What brand is best?


  2. Whizzer oil

    Hal, it is a low compression, old-style flahead with improed bearings on the bottom end.

    It would probably run on crankcase drippings form Flathead Ford cars from the late 1940's!

    I use, and will continue to reccomend ANY automotive 40wt engine oil that is clean and you can get your hands on!

    We change our oil often, so grand and glorius fancy, madison avenue additives will probably do us exactly no good!

    I have used most of the brands on the market here with equal sucess.

    The coolest thing I have found about oil changes are these two concepts.

    #1 get a pointed "squirt cap" off of a gear oil, or hydrolic oil, or some other bottle so you can squirt a thin stream of oil into the engine.

    #2 you can drain your old oil into a ziplock type sandwich back quite nicely!

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    Thanks, Mike!

    I can't believe the oil capacity of the Whizzer engine: EIGHT OUNCES!

    Heck...I drink more than that with a big glass of water!

    I guess the Whizzer's lubrication requirements are a bit less stringent than those for a Formula 1 Ferrarri...

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    I use Castrol because it is what I can get my hands on easily. I also change it much more frequently than you have to.


    PS DON'T use synthetic oil. The cylinder will never seat to the rings.
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    Yeah, I use Castrol too. The guy at the Auto Zone store suggested it & my racing friends use it.
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    old grandpa adding water to his oil !!!!!!!!

    I also believe that Mike

    my grandfather was happy to see those drippings
    meant that he still had oil in there
    being dirt poor at times some would have to add a little water to their
    oil so as to keep the level up above the oil pump

    yes -- we have it good today -- thank you God

    ride that MB thing
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    I contacted Dave at Whizzer a few days ago concerning oil in the NE5. He suggested I break it in with a straight 40w as there would be less foaming. Once broken it after a couple of hundred miles it would be safe to use a synthetic 20-50w multigrade. He stated the synthetic oils he had tested reduced engine temp by at least 18 degrees. I also asked about the glazing clutch problem and he stated since my bike was new that another method (unpublished) was to put the bike front wheel against a wall and get the clutch to smoking and a little and that would likely correct any clutch glazing. I assume that he has had some experience with the later Whizzers. I do remember my correcting the clutch chatter in a 1936 Dodge coupe by setting the brake and slipping burning and the clutch for a short while when revving the engine. That usually smoothed out the clutch for awhile. Since I am new to this forum, I have not yet seen or heard these remedies here. From what I have seen, it seems some of the members are very well versed in the Whizzer and fixes. From those with better information, does any of the above information seem plausable. Thanks for any help. BG
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    Isn't the claim that multi-viscosity oil will blow out?

    Has anyone really ran a multi-voscosity oil to determine if it really does blow out?
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    My friend put synthetic in his whizzer with 700 miles and found that the synthetic oil would foam and get pushed out the breather vent at the rate of 1oz per ten miles. He drained it and went back to 40wt. Note this motor required the use of Quentons PCV oil separating breather system to eliminate the oil mess on the back of the bike with even 40wt. With 40wt oil the oil loss was eliminated.

  11. Whizzer and oil

    Hi Guys, just a quick note.

    I will NEVER use multi-grade NOR synthetic oil in my Whizzers, UNLESS they come up with a 40-50 wt synth, then I MIGHT be tempted to try on fully broken in engine.

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    Thank you for the reply

    Thank you for the info. I would want to believe a user from experience. BG
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    Synthetic 20-50W

    Hi and thanks for the response. I just found a fully synthetic 20-50w at a local supplier her in Vancouver Washington. the only reason I would want to use it is because of Dave at Whizzer in Carleton Texas saying the operating temperature was reduced near 20 degrees. BG
  14. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Galliano,
    Here are the facts,

    I was the one that located the front tire against a building, opened the throttle untill the clutch smoked, removed the glaze from the shoes, and repeated the process until 95% to 100% of the shoes contacted the hub. End result was a record setting, wheelie machine, that managed 40.3 MPH in 150 feet[ask JBCruise on this site, as he rode it]. I doubt the clutch will fix itself by making it smoke, but will in fact glaze the shoes so badly it might just stop moving forward completely. I would also avoid using the "smoke" method on the latest version of the clutch because it may cause the roll pins to snap from the 1/8" contact area in the hub, and spin the drive pulley on the hub [serious problem].
    I ran actual Dyno tests with Mobile One synthetic oil. I even tested it in a motor for almost 1000 miles. Facts are............. Not a single degree of motor tempature difference, because the oil is thinner it foamed quickly, and left the motor via the vent system [5 to 7 ounces in 15 miles at WOT]. The exact top speed [68 MPH] on the Dyno using Mobile One synthetic & Shell straight 40 weight.

    The average NE motor doesn't complete break-in until 500 miles, and synt. stops the rings & cylinder from mating completely, and I don't agree with certain experts, but if you must use synthetic, at least wait until after the 500 mile mark.

    All of my record setting motors used straight 40 Wt, but I change it about every 200 miles after break-in, after all how expensive is 8 ounces of regular oil. During break-in I change at 50 miles, 100 miles, 200 miles, 400 miles [whoops, there goes an entire quart], and every 200 miles thereafter. I have motors with over 6000 miles of "rough" treatment, and they maintain the same compression, start easy, idle, run cooler, and get great mileage.

    Please don't consider this post as bashing anyone's advice, but I actually test these concepts and supply the facts to anyone interested.

    Have fun,
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    Thanks for the information.

    Thanks Quenton
    I will go with what you say about the oil. My manual states to stay with the strait 40w. I will also follow your advice on the clutch also. Its the actual users who gain the useful the experience with nothing to sell except helpful advice. Thanks again for the help and good advice. Bg
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    Yes I was there & rode the "wheelie machine". It's an amazing Whizzer. I always write to check out that Quenton's feet are off the ground. Is anyone getting tired of me posting this pic yet? Hope not. And I'm still using Castrol 40 weight oil.

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    A Darker Colored Oil

    It would be helpful to have an oil that can be SEEN on the Whizzer dipstick!

    Castrol 40W has the color of water, and one must FEEL the dipstick to "see" the oil level!

    I remember years ago there was an automotive oil that was called "Royal Triton".

    It was a beautiful deep purple!

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    Colored Oil

    Royal Purple is readily available if you look.
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    Darker Oils:

    HEY GUYS...

    I was not necessarily looking for Royal Purple in SAE40...I was looking for ANY premium oil that stands out well on the dipstick!

    The oil I was thinking of was called Royal Triton, and its commercial spokesperson was Marylin Monroe!

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