the scooter guy offers new options and sells tw bents tadepole with golden eagle kit

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    The scooter guy has added two more options to his 8mm freewheel drive system , because of the wide variety of motors being used with the scooter guy mounting system . it only seems fitting that a person be able to customize there gear ratio to maximize performance.

    drive sprockets available in 11t 14t 17t and 20t , 8mm
    large chain ring now available in three sizes , 54t 63t and a whopping 74t 8mm
    final drive 22t 1/2inch

    all assembled on a threaded freewheel and ready for your sick bike parts threaded cranks , comes with 8mm chain and your choice of drive sprockets , the 63t 8mm and the 74t 8mm are a $10.00 upgrade from the original price of just $75.00. pictured below ,

    also up for sale this beautiful tw bents tadpole with golden eagle motor kit .this is a nice ride with about 30 miles on it , picture below and you tube video of this machine in action tomorrow ,(weather permitting ) pm me for price and more info.
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