new engine or parts!?

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    ok so heres what is going on. my bike has had a hard life and passed through many people. i got it back and the chain, clutch pads, cables, fuel line, clutch ball, bucking bar, and throw arm need replaced. i totalled out the cost of all these parts to be around 80. i did this on kings motors. a whole brand new kit will total out at 150. should i save for the new kit? or should i just get the parts now? i only have a hundred bucks so i have a limit. is kings the cheapest? or is there other vendors? thanks!

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    Motor kit

    Been there. my motor blew a ring and locked up crank.. $110 for parts or $200 something for Total kit and some extra things From Kings. there customer service sux, but never had an issue with delivery or bad stuff. I should be placing my order in the next few days.